Hunting for the Chukotka moose and the Kamchatka brown bear in Kamchatka

We offer moose and bear hunting from September 27 to October 10, 2022

The name of an moose of Alces alces buturlini living in the territory of Kamchatka Krai in Latin sounding. This moose is known to hunters as the Chukchi moose. The Chukchi elk is the largest elk of Eurasia, with extremely large horns. In the territory of Kamchatka Krai lives two concerning isolated from each other groups. One of them (peninsular) is created artificially, by an introduction from another.
Some copies of the bulls got on Kamchatka exceed the weight of 700 kg. and the weight of horns is up to 50 kg in a big way up to 190-200 cm. In our economy copies with horns of 49 kg were got.
Hunting for an moose on Kamchatka
Hunting takes place on transitions, in vacation spots and feedings of animals.
We hunt an moose in several ways:
Hunting for groan

It is necessary to imitate a voice to "groan" of a female or a voice of a young male. For successful hunting it is necessary to be for an hour till the dawn on those places where signs of rutting of elks are in advance found: the broken bushes, the filled tracks and hot scents. Still after dark bulls begin to publish the muffled groans passing kind of into a reserved roar. Imitating groan, sound specially made trumpet, enticing an moose on the shooter.

Hunting with likes
This is the most productive and exciting hunt. It brings joy and pleasure to hunters. Hunters, having met a fresh trace of moose - the male is allowed along the trail by 1-2 dogs that, having found the "put" the bull. The hunter, hearing barking, must neatly, under the wind, approach the shot. If the moose rests on the hunter, then he can leave and the dogs will not always be able to stop the beast for the second time.
Hunting in the tracks
Passes when the snow level is sufficient to keep traces. Carefully moving next to the trail and carefully examining the area, the hunters detect the beast and, approaching, shoot.
Hunting from the approach
It is held in the morning, when the animals are in a place known for hunters on a toast or rest. Carefully, on the leeward side, the hunters sneak up to the beast at the distance of the correct shot.
Direct the beast at the hunter
The riders drive the moose at the hunter left at the site of the likely exit of the beast.

Moose hunting requires acceptable weather. The hunter must be prepared for the difficulties.
Hunt for the Kamchatka brown bear
The Kamchatka brown bear is the largest representative of brown bears in Eurasia. This is due to the presence of the richest feed base on the peninsula. Bears receive almost unlimited opportunities to feed on plant and animal food, which determines their outstanding size.
Hunting is carried out in the morning, during the day and until late in the evening. As a rule, hunting is successful in the afternoon, when bears begin to feed longer in one place and hunters have time to approach the bear they saw. Often, hunters go hunting, seeing the right specimen of a bear right from the camp. From the camp one-day and two to three day routes with overnight stay in heated beams and huts.

Tour schedule and check-in/check-out schedule:

Day 1. Arrival at Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky airport, transfer by comfortable bus to the helipad (Mayskoye village). Placement.
2nd day. Helicopter flight 55 minutes to camp. Setting up the camp. Placement, training. Gunfire. Reconnaissance route.
3rd - 12th day. Moose hunting and brown bear hunting.
13th day. Return to Elizovo (from camp to Mayskoe village) 55 minutes by Mi-8 helicopter and 7 hours by bus to Elizovo), hotel accommodation.
14th day. Departure to Moscow.

Moose hunting, moose hunting and brown bear hunting

Hunter service - 7700 Euros (9000$)

Escort service - 3850 Euros (4500$)

Moose trophy - 3850 Euros (4500$)

Bear Trophy - 1700 Euros (2000$)


- due to unstable weather, perhaps several days will fall from hunting days;

- for misses, wounds, subs, refusal to shoot the fee is not taken.

The price of the hunting tour includes:

-permit to import/export weapons and ammunition

- meeting, meetings at Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky airport;

- Delivery to and from the field camp, including the cost of transportation of vehicles and helicopters;

- Accommodation and meals at the field camp;

- conductor service;

- mining permit, voucher (contract);

- veterinary certificate;

- the cost of the trophy, including its initial processing, packaging and documents for transportation.

The price isn't included:

- express delivery of documents for the import/export of weapons and cartridges to the location of the hunter;

- flights to and from Kamchatka;

- payment of additional baggage;

- sending trophies with luggage;

- CITES for bear trophy;

- accommodation and other expenses in Yelizovo, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, with. Mayskoye (Kozyrevsk);

- Personal telephone calls, including from a hunting camp;

- personal shopping.

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