The prices of hunting tours and terms of hunting for 2024.

Hunting for a snow sheep, hunting for an moose, hunting for a bear

Advantage of our offers:

- for misses, wounds, deliveries, refusal to fire a fee is not taken;

-specific discounts are provided for groups from 3-4 hunters;

- when booking a hunting tour for a year or more, prices remain unchanged;

- payment for maintenance (service) in installments, in accordance with the contract according to the schedule proposed by the hunter;

- possibility of booked (paid) hunting, at no additional cost, rebooking for another period, for the next season, for another hunter;

- hunting success is ensured by application of various hunting methods, sufficient density of hunting animals, knowledge of migration routes and peculiarities of their distribution on the land.


- due to unstable weather, perhaps several days will fall from hunting days;

- for misses, wounds, subs, refusal to shoot the fee is not taken.

The price of the hunting tour includes:

-permit to import/export weapons and ammunition

- meeting, meetings at Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky airport;

- delivery to and from the field camp, including the cost of transportation of vehicles and helicopters;

- accommodation and meals at the field camp;

- conductor service;

- mining permit, voucher (contract);

- veterinary certificate;

- the cost of the trophy, including its initial processing, packaging and documents for transportation.

The price isn't included:

- express delivery of documents for the import/export of weapons and cartridges to the location of the hunter;

- flights to and from Kamchatka;

- payment of additional baggage;

- sending trophies with luggage;

- CITES for bear trophy;

- accommodation and other expenses in Yelizovo, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, with. Mayskoye (Kozyrevsk);

- Personal telephone calls, including from a hunting camp;

- personal shopping.

Hunting tour booking procedure:

After the conclusion of the contract within 5 banking days, the hunter must pay part of the advance payment for the services for organizing and conducting hunting in the amount of 300 000 rubles to the organization's account. The unpaid part of the advance for the services of organizing and conducting hunting must be paid before July 1, at its discretion at once or in parts. The hunter determines the size, timing and number of payments on his own, but all this is entered into the contract that must be observed.


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