Hunting for the Kamchatka snow sheep

Successful hunting of the Kamchatka bighorn ram. Without searching and pursuing on technical means. Favorable conditions for booking hunting tours. Great trophies 10 and up.

Hunting in 2024 from 01.08 to 15.09.

The Kamchatka snow sheep lives on Kamchatka to the south of 600 northern latitudes. In a hunting venue density of snow rams reaches 3-4 individuals on 10 peculiar grounds. Such density, under favorable conditions, allows the hunter to see in day some males of a snow ram aged from 10 years and is more senior. Often the desirable trophy can be observed directly from mountain camp. And it not "advertizing deception". In this territory we organize hunting since 1996 and rather well it studied.

Habitats of rams represent a complex of remote rocks, the cool stony and strongly cut up slopes and rather flat sites occupied with pastures. In rocks rams disappear from prosecution of enemies, to be grazed come to open slopes.

Males of a snow ram during a season of hunting keep above on slopes, than females with young growth, odinochno or groups on 2 - 3 individuals, is rare to 5 - 6 and more individuals. Possess the excellent sight which is well developed by sense of smell and hearing.

Hunting is carried out at the height of 1 000 - 1 900 m above sea level. The proximity of the ocean and a wind, and also small heights above sea level where snow rams live, exclude a lack of oxygen and a mountain illness. As a result hunters even "aged" feel excellently.

On arrival in mountain camp it is necessary to adjust the weapon, since a trajectory of flight of a bullet in mountains other, than at smaller heights above sea level.

Hunters can count on a trophy of 10 years and is more senior with long than horns of 88 cm - 98 cm. It is the most often found result. Glance in gallery and be convinced of it. There you can see our trophies 14 - and and 16 summer rams.

Area of hunting: Ust-Kamchatsky area. Spine Tumrok, spine Gamchen.

Schedule of round of hunting and scheme of arrival/departure:

1st day. Arrival in the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky airport, a transfer by comfortable bus 6 hours to Mayskoe. Flight by helicopter of 55 minutes in camp.

The 2rd – the 7th day. Hunting.

8th day. Return to Yelizovo (from camp to Mayskoe 55 minutes by Mi-8 helicopter and 6 hours by bus to Yelizovo), placement in hotel.

9th day. A departure to Moscow.

Movement on grounds on foot. Extent of daily routes is up to 6-9 km. also depends on physical training of the hunter. From the main camp one-day, and also 2kh - 3kh day routes with spending the night in double tents like "Storm".

On a snow ram we hunt in several ways.

Hunting skrady

The hunter's task - to see rams earlier, than rams will notice him. Having noticed the hunter, rams prick up the ears, meet together and long look at him. Even having run, they several times stop and with curiosity consider the hunter. Such behavior of snow rams allows to make a distant aim shot. It is necessary to conceal animals alee on a mountain slope. The best option to appear above animals. If rams noticed hunters and the distance doesn't allow to make an accurate shot. One of hunters distracts attention, proving to be. The second having disappeared from a field of vision of rams, continues to conceal animals, moving ahead on distance of an aim shot.

Hunting on transitions

Such hunting demands preliminary work on studying of daily activity, placement of vacation spots and feeding of animals for the ambush device on transition from vacation spots to places of feeding and back. For hunting it is necessary to leave in the middle of the day to a place of the most probable transition of animals, will comfortably settle and, having waited when rogach come nearer to the shooter to get necessary of them.

Hunting by a setup

Rams are made up on the hunter left on a place of the most probable pass in which animals leave in case of danger. The beater himself not to seek to approach on a shot, and from far away, from distance of 400-500 m proving to be rams guards animals, and then, slowly approaching them, not directly, and as if by the way, directs them aside where the hunter settled down.

Field camp on a snow sheep:

In camp 2 of the hunter. The accommodation which is most approached to natural conditions. Placement on 2 persons in the tents heated by a wood oven. The dining room, a shower in the separate heated tents. In camp is available эл. lighting, satellite communication, radio stations 8 - 10 km. actions.

Service personnel: on each hunter one conductor. In camp the cook, if necessary the translator.

Reserve hunting for earlier as persons interested to hunt with us more than the permissions to shooting which are available for us.

- due to unstable weather, perhaps several days will fall from hunting days;

- for misses, wounds, subs, refusal to shoot the fee is not taken.

The price isn't included:

Hunting tour booking procedure

After the conclusion of the contract within 5 banking days, the hunter must pay part of the advance payment for the services for organizing and conducting hunting in the amount of 300000 Rubles to the organization's account. The unpaid part of the advance for the services of organizing and conducting hunting must be paid before July 1, at its discretion at once or in parts. The hunter determines the size, timing and number of payments on his own, but all this is entered into the contract that must be observed.



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